Physiotherapists Association submits proposal on the implementation of physiotherapy units to the Minister of Health

The hearing requested from the Minister of Health took place this Thursday, March 16, with the participation of the President of the Portuguese Bar Association and the 1st Vice-President, who handed over the Bar Association's proposal concerning the implementation of physiotherapy units in the organization models of the National Health Service, with a view to achieving the physiotherapist's professional autonomy.

The aforementioned proposal considered the professional profile of the Physiotherapist based on the Regulation of the Physiotherapist Actcurrently in public consultation, integrating a survey and characterisation of physiotherapists in the National Health Service and System and the value of the physiotherapist as an underused resource in the ecosystem of health professions.

The proposal presented, based on the assumptions already stated, summarized the position of the Order on the need for the implementation of autonomous physiotherapy units in the referred Health Systems, characterizing the physiotherapist's consultation, the intervention records and the single health record system. With the delivery of this proposal, whose content is included in the projects in public consultationThis is another structural pillar in the process of regulating the profession.

It is the understanding of the Order of Physiotherapists that in the current context of restructuring the organisation of health services, conditions are in place for their implementation.


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