Physiotherapists: professional indemnity insurance

Fisioterapeutas: seguro de responsabilidade civil profissional

Professional civil liability insurance is already in force, following the public tender promoted by the Order of Physiotherapists. The winning proposal from Fidelidade - Companhia de Seguros S.A., to be executed by Willis, Corretores de Seguros S.A., offers specific conditions and guarantees for all Physiotherapists registered in the Order, who do not have their registration suspended or cancelled. You can consult the policy and Frequently Asked Questions about the professional liability insurance at reserved area.

With the execution of this insurance, the Order responds to the legal obligation of all members to have a civil liability insurance and remains committed to building the foundations of a strong Order of Physiotherapists, which regulates the profession and represents its professionals, protecting also the users of physiotherapy services. 


  • Public Tender for the Acquisition of Professional Civil Liability Insurance Services for the Members of the Order of Physiotherapists.
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 6 p.m. on 29/03/2022 (art.11.1 of the CP)
  • Deadline for submission of requests for clarification - 6 p.m. on 16/03/2022 (Article 4.2 of the CP)
  • Insurance brokers can be competitors.

*2nd series, nº 48 of 09/03/2023, Part L - Public Tenders

Received Proposals

After the deadline, the following proposals were received by email:

Proposal Delivery DateTime
Melior Insurance29/Mar11:43
Willis - Insurance Brokers29/Mar17:48
New-Call - Insurance Mediation29/Mar18:07

Admissible / Excluded bids

By decision of the jury, the proposals of the competitors were considered as admitted:

  • Melior Insurance
  • Lusitania
  • Willis - Insurance Brokers

The application of New-Call - Mediação de Seguros was excluded for not submitting the proposal within the deadline and for not providing all the documents required in the specifications.


Pedro Maciel Barbosa

Specialist physiotherapist at the Matosinhos Local Health Unit Sub-coordinator for Primary Health Care, Matosinhos Local Health Unit Visiting Assistant Professor at the Porto School of Health Member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Health - SNS Member of the General Council of the Order of Physiotherapists

Carlos Sand

Carlos Areia has been a physiotherapist since 2013, and has worked in various hospitals, clinics and clubs in both Portugal and the UK. He began his academic career at Oxford University in 2016, where he led a clinical trial comparing physiotherapy vs surgery in anterior cruciate injuries in 32 hospitals in England. In 2018 she moved to the neurosciences department, where she developed her own studies on remote monitoring of vital signs, which were implemented during the pandemic. Here he discovered his passion for data, and in 2022, he joined Digital Science as a Data Scientist. He completed his PhD earlier this year, and has more than 60 publications in journals such as The Lancet, BMJ, Cochrane, among others. He is also an honorary lecturer at Oxford Brookes University and a consultant in clinical research.

Eduardo José Brazete Carvalho Cruz

PhD in Physiotherapy from the University of Brighton, UK. Post-Doctorate in Epidemiology from the National School of Public Health at the New University of Lisbon.
Coordinator of the Studies and Planning Office of the Order of Physiotherapists. Coordinating Professor of the Physiotherapy Department of the School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (ESS-IPS). President of the ESS-IPS Technical-Scientific Council. Coordinator of the Physiotherapy Department at ESS-IPS. Integrated Researcher at the Comprehensive Health Research Centre (CHRC) (a partnership between FCM-UNL, the National School of Public Health, the University of Évora, the Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health and Santo Espírito Hospital, Terceira Island, Azores).

Sara Souto Miranda

Sara Souto Miranda has a bachelor's and master's degree in physiotherapy from the University of Aveiro, and a postgraduate qualification in adult respiratory physiotherapy from the same institution. In 2023 she completed her double doctorate in Rehabilitation Sciences/Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at the Universities of Aveiro and Maastricht (Netherlands) and is currently working as a technical-scientific advisor to the Studies and Planning Office (GEP) of the Order of Physiotherapists, and as a guest lecturer at the Piaget Institute in Vila Nova de Gaia. As a member of the Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation Laboratory at the University of Aveiro (Lab3R), she has carried out applied research in which she has assessed and treated patients with respiratory pathology, having taken part in 6 research projects. Throughout her career she has published 19 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals with an impact factor, 1 book chapter and more than 50 abstracts in conference proceedings. She was a research volunteer at the Ciro rehabilitation centre (Centre for expertise in chronic organ failure) in the Netherlands, and is currently a member of the Guideline Methodology Network of European Respiratory Society. She was honoured by European Lung Foundation e European Respiratory Society for carrying out patient-centred research, by the Directorate General for Higher Education with a merit grant for his master's degree, and by the Ciro Centre with a grant to support research abroad.

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