Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas and American Physical Therapy Association started collaboration

Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas e Associação Americana de Fisioterapia iniciam colaboração

The Board of Directors, and delegates of the Office of Studies and Planning, of the Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas, met on the 11th of July with representatives of the APTA - American Physical Therapy Association (President - Roger Herr, Vice President of Public Affairs - Aaron Bishop, CEO - Justin Moore and Director of Public Relations - Emilio Rouco), to start a collaboration to advance the profession in our country.  

APTA agreed to provide advice on current professional issues, and the electronic access, to the board members, of the resources commonly available to APTA members, to support the initiatives of the Ordem. 

The Board of Directors of the Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas is highly thankful to APTA and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration. 


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