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Isabel de Souza Guerra

Welcome to the Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas (Order of Physiotherapists).

The Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas is an important step towards affirmation of the profession within the Portuguese society.

The main mission is the protection of citizens/individuals against unqualified practices, and for the right of having good results, quality and a safety Physiotherapy practice, provided by certified professionals with recognized skills.

The Comissão Instaladora is working to establish the necessary conditions for the election of the governing bodies). From that moment on, the Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas will be able to develop its full activity.

Today we offer three digital platforms: a website, a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile so that our community can start growing, as a result of your engagement. The website will be the main channel of communication between the Comissão Instaladora and the physiotherapists, and where all questions can be answered. Soon, a private area will be available for each physiotherapist, where he will be able to register, which is mandatory to the professional practice.

Keep together!

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