Extension of the term of office of the Installing Committee

Prorrogação do mandato da comissão instaladora

The process of installation of the Order of Physiotherapists is composed of various highly complex phases. The epidemiological situation in Portugal caused by the SARS -CoV -2 virus and the COVID -19 disease, as well as the time required for the creation of material conditions for the effective installation and all the processes that constitute it, has caused additional difficulties to the normal development of the installation process.

Therefore, as the conditions for the enrolment of physiotherapists and election of the first Social Bodies of the Order of Physiotherapists have not yet been met, the Deputy Secretary of State for Health, António Lacerda Sales, extended the mandate of the Installation Commission on 9th April 2021, published in Order no. 3657/2021.

The extension of the mandate is effective from 11 December 2020, until the effective installation of the Order of Physiotherapists, having also set the date for elections for the Social Bodies.

Order No. 3657/2021


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