The Armed Forces Officers Association (AOFA) celebrated its 29th anniversary on 27 November last.

In the commemorative ceremony that took place in Trafaria, the Order of Physiotherapists was present through the physiotherapist António M. F. Lopes representing the President of the Installation Commission. 

The commemoration included a "tribute to the entities that contributed to the effort in the fight against COVID-19". In this context, among the various health professionals, the global mention to physiotherapists stands out, with the delivery of a commemorative plaque to the representative of the Order of Physiotherapists, and specifically to military physiotherapists and civilians who work in the Armed Forces, with the attribution of a commemorative plaque, delivered to the physiotherapist Flórido Pereira.

The Portuguese Physioterapists Order congratulates AOFA for its 29th anniversary and for the initiative.

Physiotherapist António Lopes, took the opportunity to get to know the concerns of the physiotherapists integrated in the armed forces, in a fruitful dialogue with colleagues Arminda Cardoso and Flórido Pereira.


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