Physiotherapists Association meets with A3ES

The President of the Portuguese Institute of Physiotherapists, António Lopes, met this Wednesday, 15th March, with the President of the Administration Council of the Assessment and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (A3ES), João Pinto Guerreiro.

The working meeting, requested by the Order, aimed to address several issues related to training in physiotherapy.

After an introduction on the initial training benchmark (entry level), the President of the Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists made a statement on the participation of the Association in the project to create a "European Common Training Framework" for physiotherapists, with a view to a common European curricular structure. In this context, the A3ES reiterated its interest in monitoring the developments of the initiative and, should it be consulted in the final decision process, to issue an opinion in relation to it, in line with the development of similar processes for the creation of parameters to be observed in certain training courses, with reference to international recommendations.

The creation by the Association of a system to evaluate the quality of continuous and post-graduate training, integrated into the process of creating specialties in physiotherapy, was another topic on the agenda of the meeting. The recommendation, on the part of the Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education, of a prior understanding with the Higher Education Institutions for the development of the process was noted, a position also defended by the Order.

The Physiotherapists' Association has made itself available to deepen the collaboration with A3ES, namely by participating in the respective Consultative Council, which already includes other public professional associations.


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