Memorandum of understanding with ACSS

Memorando de entendimento com a ACSS

Considering that registration in the Order of Physiotherapists is a legal condition necessary for the exercise of the profession in Portugal, the Order of Physiotherapists and the Central Administration of the Health System, IP signed a memorandum of understanding, within the scope of access and regulation of the exercise of the profession of physiotherapist in Portugal.

With this understanding, the Order will now accept applications for registration addressed to it by holders of academic qualifications in the area of Physiotherapy obtained in Portugal, as well as by holders of the professional license of Physiotherapist already issued by the ACSS, IP.

Citizens with qualifications obtained abroad and who do not yet possess the professional cédula should go to the ACSS to register, before proceeding with enrolment in the Order.

As a result of this understanding, during this week, the access to the registration process will be available in the Order's website.


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