World Education Day


All human beings have the right to education. So it is written in the 26th article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, pointing to education as an integral part of the "full development of the human personality and the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms". 

We have the privilege of living in a modern society, where there is space to ask questions such as the quality of education or its capacity to prepare people for the full exercise of their professions. If for most institutions education is an important point, among many others, the Order of Physiotherapists has in this area one of its great priorities, especially at the higher education level. 

By being closer to the professionals and users, we safeguard the interests of both and of Physiotherapy in general. It is in everyone's interest to guarantee the best preparation for the exercise of the profession, in this sense you can count on the Order of Physiotherapists to be in the front line for the defence of a quality education


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