Welcome Message from the President of the CI

Isabel de Souza Guerra

Welcome to Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas 

More than a year of intense activity has passed since the nomination of the Installation Commission of the Order of Physiotherapists. The epidemiological situation in our country did not allow the conclusion of our work in the first year of the mandate, so by deliberation of the hierarchy, it was extended for a year, and the elections for the statutory bodies were scheduled for 15 November, pf.

In order to meet the objectives outlined, the Installing Committee has worked hard. We have invested heavily in technological support infrastructures, in a process of administrative modernisation, basing all operations on an eminently dematerialised system, seeking to enhance the development of integrated communication solutions, both internal and external, with our members.

We all know that registration in the Order is a mandatory and indispensable element for the exercise of the profession. At this moment all the conditions are created so that the physiotherapists can register in our Order as soon as possible.

We tried to make the registration process intuitive, carried out through the Order's website, but also provided guides guiding the whole process. An independent Technical Admission Committee was appointed, which will assess each process, preparing opinions to validate the registration by the IC.

We intend to lay solid and secure foundations for the future of the organisation, which we hope will be strong and innovative, that will represent the profession with dignity and that all physiotherapists will feel represented in it.

We always bear in mind that our main mission is the defence of citizens against unqualified practice and the right to physiotherapy care, with quality, safety and good results, provided by certified professionals of recognised professional competence.

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